Best Blackhead Vacuum

Enjoying any social event is not easy when you are suffering from facial blemishes.  Weddings, dates, proms and other significant moments are important and you have to look your best to be your best.  The out-of-the-blue appearance of blackheads or pimples can spoil that special moment in your life.

Removing any of these spots without damaging the surrounding tissue has always been a problem. Using chemicals, whether prescription medication or OTC remedies, takes days to work, are ineffective on embedded pimples, and occasionally cause skin allergies, which just makes the problem worse.  Tweezers, lancets, loop extractors, and various comedone extractor kits produce inconsistent results that occasionally cause additional injury to the surrounding skin.

However, there is a product that will remove both the infection and the core quickly and easily without creating additional damage.  Stonefield’s Blackhead, Zit & Under-Skin Pimple Vacuum Extractor is a precision extraction tool conceived by a licensed dermatologist and designed and developed by a mechanical engineer.  It will remove pimples, blackheads, and embedded acne while minimizing surface discoloration.

The Vacuum Extractor is operated by first inserting the proper size tip on the end of the plunger and then pushing in the handle until you feel it lock into place. Position the tip on the head of the pimple or blackhead and push the entire device in until it creates one pound of pressure.  This causes the head to bulge up into the tip’s orifice, and when this pressure is reached the plunger will mechanically release allowing the vacuum chamber to easily suck out the fluid and the core.  The surrounding area is not affected, and the skin will heal quickly without leaving a blemish.

Observe the following video to see how the procedure works and the excellent results you can expect.

Both the Vacuum Extractor and its three soft, clear suction tips are kept in a plastic container which has three compartments used for sterilizing with alcohol.  After the tips are sterilized, put the correct one on the end of the plunger.  The smallest tip is for extracting blackheads, the medium tip is for removing acne and surface pimples, and the largest one is for extracting embedded pimples or acne cysts.  After you remove all of the blackheads, pimples and acne, pour out the used alcohol from the container and keep it dry and clean until the next time it is used. Remove the plunger and flush it thoroughly with hot water.  Lubricate the moving parts with Vaseline to assure a smooth operation.

There are other kinds of vacuum devices on the market, but they can only be used on the most easily accessible surface pimples since these devices do not apply pressure to squeeze the head up into the vacuum chamber’s orifice, which makes them useless on under-skin pimples. Use Stonefield’s Vacuum Extractor when you need to remove blackheads easily.